Writing an eBook is the smartest thing a blogger can do. This is because an eBook can be a good source of income for small time writers. If we compare a blog and an eBook, then an eBook has more value in terms of revenue and popularity. Publishing an eBook is a moment of pride for most bloggers out there.

Writing an eBook gives bloggers a chance to reach out a bigger audience and explore the exciting field of writing. Websites like Mediabak have many eBooks and audiobooks that are curated keeping the varied audience in mind. Remember, that an author cannot afford to make mistakes in their work, so do a proper research before publishing your eBook. Let’s look at some of the reasons why bloggers should consider writing an eBook:

  • A good eBook can be one of the most powerful sign-up incentives for any potential subscribers. Lure your subscribers through quality content and lucrative deals.
  • A good eBook can fetch you a decent earning, compared to blogs.
  • You might get an opportunity to publish your eBook alongside well-known authors on popular websites. This can help gain more popularity and reach out to your target audience.


These are some of the reasons why bloggers should aim to create eBooks that could enhance their popularity. The best way to start writing is finding a good story line for your eBook. If you wish to inspire yourself by reading different eBooks, then simply check out Mediabak, one of the best online libraries.