Did you know that majority of the population today owns a mobile device like a smartphone or a tablet? Children as young as three years old know how to operate a tablet and a mobile phone and old people are also becoming tech-savvy. They use it to connect with their loved ones.

That being said, it’s not a surprise that the prevalence and demand of digital reading materials are increasing. Books, magazines, and catalogs can now easily be accessed online. Furthermore, half of the orders of magazines are already in a digital format in this year.

Moreover, demand for printed books is decreasing. It’s not because people are not reading anymore, but because they are starting to prefer downloading eBooks that are cheaper, if not free. Mediabak is a great place to get eBooks and audiobooks at a good rate.

Another factor why people are shifting into digital books is because some stories cannot be easily published. Examples of this are erotic novels that are easily available online.


An additional factor why digital content is overtaking physical books is portability. People can have a library of books in a device as small as 4 inches while buying books that many will take up a room. Websites like Mediabak is a great source of content online.